Woodbury Subdivision

Davidon Homes

Commercial Project | Lafayette, CA

This multi-stage project is one of our on-going builds. Over the course of several years, CalWalls installed retaining, sound, bioretention, and bioswale walls for this condo complex. As part of a hillside residential development, construction here has its own distinctive challenges that require specialized engineering and unique materials suited to the job.

Some of these challenges include:

  • infrastructure confinements
  • space and property line constraints
  • large amounts of off-haul
  • hillside digging and building during California’s rainy season

The solution: a non-traditional approach using helical piles underneath GS2 block, combined with Geowall where needed.

Helical piles allow for stable construction even on sloped, wet ground and create a minimum of soil displacement and off-haul. This makes them perfectly suited for this complex job. Our strategy not only deals with all project-specific issues but also:

  • increases productivity, safety, stability
  • minimizes overall cost, mid-construction problems, total construction time
map of lafayette


  • Pre-construction Consultation Site Analysis with Developer & Engineer
  • Alternative Wall System Analysis
  • Site Specific Value Engineering
  • Weekly project reviews with client


  • GS2 on helical piles
  • Geowall

& Equipment

  • Multiple excavators to drill helical piles to desired design depths
  • Rev and Dangle drills to assist in accurate helical pile placement
  • Intelitorque and Ipad used for recording torque values on helical piles
  • Low density cellular concrete for soil conditions

Dig a Little Deeper

Explore additional project photos to view the exceptional craftsmanship that defines our work, inspire your own retaining wall project, and envision the possibilities for your outdoor space.

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