Kessing Ranch

Richmond American

Commercial Project | Cotati, CA

CalWalls was brought into this on-going project to value engineer it—helping our client drastically save on construction costs—and build decorative columns for timber sound walls. In order to plan and execute the most cost-efficient approach to this construction, our team used our extensive product knowledge and exceptional engineering skills. These are two of the most essential assets of CalWalls.

By selecting the correct products for these sound walls, CalWalls was able to:

  • cut excessive construction materials
  • reduce unnecessary labor
  • and therefore significantly cut overall budget

In addition to finding the best value engineering solutions for this project, our team was able to call on our industry expertise to tackle all site-specific needs of this sound wall, including the addition of special fence posts right on top of it. No matter the challenges of your project, CalWalls will problem-solve and strategize to ensure you have an exceptional final product.

map of rohnert park


  • Pre-construction Consultation Site Analysis with Developer & Engineer
  • Alternative Wall System Analysis
  • Site Specific Value Engineering
  • Onsite excavation of spoils and off-hauling to stockpile
  • Weekly project reviews with client


  • Geowall Pro with geogrid reinforcement

& Equipment

  • Custom CalWalls Fence Bracket Enabling Zero Lot Line

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Explore additional project photos to view the exceptional craftsmanship that defines our work, inspire your own retaining wall project, and envision the possibilities for your outdoor space.

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